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Victims Impact Panel

Gain a deeper insight.

Understand another POV

Alcohol and drug counseling does not just focus on the POV of the person going through dependency issues. It is important to understand how the lives of others that we run into day to day are affected by our own decisions. 

Our victim panel is a great way to hear another POV and possibly change your outlook.  Victim Impact Panels are held on the second Saturday of every month. Call our office for more info and pricing.


Crash related issues

Those who are in class due to a DUI will learn more from the opposite side during the victim panel. The victim panel features those whose lives have been affected by a DUI driver. 

 The DUI panel helps to express exactly what another person and family will go through when their paths collide with a DUI driver. There are a number of emotions and traumas that come about after a DUI. Learning more about victim issues, can help to humanize your actions and understand their possible negative effects on others.

Deeper insight

Gaining a deeper insight into the consequences of your actions can have a deep impact on changing your choices. If you need help with DUI charges/convictions. First Things First is the place to come. 

During the Victim Impact Panel Class, you:

– Learn the emotional and physical trauma of victims

– Understand the POV of the victim

– Insight on how changing can positively affect others